Michelle Sipics // Philadelphia, PA

I’m an engineer turned science writer, editor, content developer and strategist. I also do some random web stuff, a little bit of code and general tech consulting. I’m pretty good at making things work and getting things done.

Likes: responsible journalism, reproducible science and the Philadelphia Phillies. Research interests: mathematics, privacy, infectious diseases (learning about them, not being infected with them) and public health. Dislikes: blatant abuse of the English language, crocs and serial commas. (Note: these are not exhaustive lists, and I’m somewhat flexible on that last thing.)

You can see some of my past science writing work by clicking here, or read my bio here. Find me on Twitter @michellesipics.


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Michelle Sipics
past work

Mosquito adapted from photograph courtesy CDC/Prof. Frank Hadley Collins; Photo: James Gathany.
The female Aedes aegypti mosquito spreads yellow fever.